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Search our comprehensive directory of European based boating holidays and find the best Euro holiday boating deals and offers.

European boating holidays appeal to everyone with a sense of adventure and want to try something a bit different. They're suitable for families, groups of friends and couples. Boats are available from a number of different boating companies and initial mooring points throughout Europe, so it's a case of picking your favourite country and boating through it!

Euro Boating

Fancy the idea of a boating holiday but also the gurantee of some Summer sun? Boating in Europe is the answer! From the traditional canals of The Netherlands and France, to more sun-drenched waterways in Portugal or Italy. The sizes and therefore, number of berths of the boats vary too, just like any other self catering accommodation, to cater for different party sizes.

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Euro Boating Holidays

Put your sea legs on and have your boating holiday or short break your way with our wide range of boats and boating locations.

Indeed, with a wide choice of boating locations throughout Europe, you should find the country, waterway and boat to suit you and your party.

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